Saturday, February 27, 2010

DITA tools - 2 (Authoring)

I am very comfortable with using Notepad to write in DITA. But there are times when I forget if a particular DITA tag can be used at a particular place. For example, I regularly forget if <prereq> should precede <context> or follow. At such times, an XML editor that also validates your tags as you type comes in handy.

XMLmind XML Editor is one such tool and comes bundled with the DITA DTDs and schemas. Its personal edition is free to use for non-commercial purposes and is, thus, great if you want a WYSIWYG DITA editor for your learning and other  personal stuff.  With it, you can visually insert DITA tags, specify the attributes of the DITA elements, type your content, and validate your file (the file is valid by default because you'll be unable to insert invalid tags) - everything that an XML editor generally does.
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