Thursday, September 23, 2010

Am writing a book

I am writing a book on DITA.

Yes, there are, already, books on DITA. Why, then, am I writing one? Because:
  • I think this book closes the gap between "what is DITA" and "how can I write in DITA".
  • I had wished for a book like this when I had started off with DITA.

XML Press is bringing the book out next year. Here's more on the book: Authoring with DITA.


Sri said...

This is fantastic!

Congratulations and looking forward to your book.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! You have tried to not make a big deal of a BIG DEAL :)

Hope it is a bestseller!

Anindita said...

:) Sridhar, Sameera

Ketan Sevekari said...

This is a good initiative. However, while putting the good things, don't forget to mention the other side of it too. Implementing DITA may not be the right choice for some organizations considering the implementation complexity, maintenance and troubleshooting efforts involved.

Radhika said...

Good Luck :-) Looking forward to reading your book..

everoptimistic said...

Good news indeed. Eagerly waiting for the official release date!