Sunday, April 12, 2009

Style Quiz - The Economist

The Economist has a quiz up at its site. I took it and got 9 out of 12. What does that mean? Well, this:

If you too want to take the quiz, click here.



Emily said...

Hi, random rss-subscriber.

This was really interesting. I was -very- confident that I could guess the correct answers, but I ended up getting 6/12. I shared it with some folks as a possible exercise to do with students and writing tutors as a demonstration of how subtle and specific style guides could be.

Great link. thanks for sharing.

Krishna Aradhi said...

Hmmm... I scored 8/12. Not bad. Guess I can now seriously think about breaking into technical writing after I graduate next year :)

Amitabh Kishore said...

I am a Technical Writer, and I scored 5/12. To me, it is a poor score because I was confidant of securing 8 or 9. I got disappointed for a moment...But no doubt, it is a great test...

Thanks for the link.