Monday, December 29, 2008

Wishing my blog readers a happy 2009

I am writing this blogpost three days in advance because:

  • I want to beat the Web jam likely to happen on 31st night (when "night" happens several times over, starting from Japan and travelling right across to the US of A).

  • I want to ensure the post gets uploaded to cloudspace before Blogger decides to cap everything (because Blogger too may have a hangover).

I am writing this post to:

  • wish you a very happy 2009.

  • share my new-year resolution (I shall henceforth suffer all fools gladly provided they take no more than 10 minutes of my time), and ask you about yours.

  • send across my new-year gift-box especially packed for you with the following items:

    • Some very special dangling modifiers, which were being given away free to anyone who purchased a copy of the book "I saw Janus peeking through the doorway".

    • A book called "Zen, and the Art of Agile Documentation", which is a special kind of book - to read the book you need to constantly run after it - that tells you how to generate Requirements out of Thin Air and create Online Help for Usage Scenarios.

    • A life-long chance to officiate as the Executioner of Capital Offense Committers, where you execute an "Off with the head!" command every time you come across a sentence such as "The Data Manager retrieves Queries and Historical Trends and presents them as Tables, Charts, and Graphs".

    • A sneak preview to my new book titled "My Life: In Bulleted Lists".


everoptimistic said...

Hi Anindita,
Wish you a wonderful New Year too. I came across one of your posts in TWIN forum where you had asked for a gender neutral form of this sentence 'An Admin user can edit the jobs created by himself.'. There were many suggestions to the query, however you did not mention the one that did fit your requirement. Just out of inquisitiveness, I would be glad if you could post the answer.

Thanks so much!!

lalit said...

Best Wishes for 2009!
Interesting blog.