Thursday, February 21, 2008

Documenting TransProCalc

A few days ago I was idly browsing the Proz site (, which I am helping localise to Bengali. In the forums there, I saw an announcement by Anthony Baldwin - he had created a small software for managing documentation projects, and had put it up for free distribution. I was intrigued, and downloaded and played around with the sofware. Then, I asked Tony if he would let me document the software.

He agreed :). Thanks Tony for letting me document TransProCalc.

This is the help document I wrote and Tony edited. (Update as on 07 March 2010: The link no longer works. The new URL is



Mark G said...

Comment on your tip re: "Print setting for color black is inconsistent."

Importing colors from the file with the correct colors did not fix the problem for me. I had to create a new file and import colors from that file to get rid of the error message. HTH

Anonymous said...

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